Viper Va’a Team

We work closely with the best paddlers in the world. Our research & development is tireless. Performance is not an accident!

Nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec les meilleurs rameurs du monde. Notre recherche est développement est permanente. La performance n’est pas un hasard !

V6 Team


6x winners Hawaiki Nui Va’a
11x Winners Molokai Hoe

EDT Va’a

5x Winners Hawaiki Nui Va’a
Winners Molokai Hoe


3x Winners Queen Liliokalani
Winners Molokai Hoe

V1 Paddlers

Steeve Teihotaata

4x winner Te Aito Tahiti
2x winner Super Aito Tahiti
2x winner Molokai Solo Hawaii

Rete Ebb

4x winner Super Aito Tahiti

Manutea Millon

Te Aito NZ Champion
Viper Race 2021 winner

Kevin Ceran Jeruslemy

4x winner Te Aito

Taaroa Dubois

World Sprint Champion

Chevalier Hikutini

Masters World Champion (Marathon)

Pateete Roopinia

Masters World Champion (Sprint)

Damas Ami

Shell Va’a paddler

Brian Ah-Min

Juniors Te Aito Tahiti winner

Vaimiti Maoni

World Champion (Sprint & Marathon)

Curtis McGrath

2x Parava’a World Sprint Champion
Olympic Champion

JL Eychenne

Super Aito Tahiti 2000

Maxime Pani

Faati Raiatea Viper Va’a Race Winner

Iloha Eychenne

3x winner Te Aito France

Georges Cronsteadt

Te Aito Champion and World Champion