Viper Va’a 3L Hydration Cooler Bag

11 800 XPF


Our new generation of Viper Va’a accessories! A 3 liter bladder inside a cooler bag with its extra-long insulated tube to keep your favorite isotonic beverage cooler longer! Perfect for your long distance V1 and V6 races!


La nouvelle génération d’accessoires Viper Va’a ! Capacité de 3 litres, inséré dans une poche isotherme avec tuyau rallongé et isolé afin de garder votre boisson énergétique fraiche longtemps ! Parfait pour les courses longues distance en V1 et V6 !

Delivery times will vary based on your location. Paddles are made per order and require build time before an order can be sent. Please allow 1-2 weeks for local orders and 1-2 months for international orders. Please contact us directly for more information on delivery timeframes or with any questions concerning your order.